Version 2020.0.0 now released supporting calculations for 2020.

Orsa Software Inc. is a small software company founded in 2012, and based in Edmonton, Alberta, that develops professional grade software for the calculation of child and spousal support in Canada.


iGuideline is Orsa Software’s flagship product. It’s an App that allows users to calculate all amounts of child support payable under the Canadian Child Support Guidelines; both the “Table Amount” and the proportionate share of “net” Special Expenses. In addition iGuideline also calculates the amount of spousal support payable under the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG).

Our Founders

Barry is a lawyer who has practiced in the area of family law for 26 years, with a passion for programming

Barry Mcmullan

Godon McMullan

Gord has a background in education and customer service, with a knack for interpreting legislation for the calculation of benefits

gord mcmullan

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