Orsa Software Inc.

Orsa Software Inc. is a small software company based in Edmonton, Alberta.  It was founded by a lawyer with 26 years experience working in the area of family law, and a passion for programming. Orsa Software Inc. are makers of iTableAmount (for macOS and iOS), and iGuideline (for macOS).


iTableAmount is an App that allows users to calculate the "Table Amount" payable under the Canadian Child Support Guidelines.

More information about iTableAmount can be found at the following site.


iGuideline is Orsa Software's flagship product. It's an App that allows users to calculate all amounts of child support payable or receivable under the Canadian Child Support Guidelines (both the "Table Amount" and the proportionate share of "net" Special Expenses),  as well as the amount of spousal support payable under the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG).

The development of iGuideline has been guided by the following three design goals:

a)  that iGuideline be as powerful as possible,

b)  that iGuideline seem simple to use, and

c)  that iGuideline be intuitive to the point of educating the user about the Guidelines.

It also had to be accessible and affordable; not just for lawyers and other professionals but also for parents.

With this goal in mind we chose to make iGuideline a free download from the Mac App Store with users being able to create a Sample File which allows them to explore some of iGuidelines many features.  Users who wish to proceed with their own calculation can then make In-App Purchases, depending on their needs. Users can go with a "per file" license by purchasing a single file, 2 files, or 5 files, or they can opt for a 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year subscription giving the user the ability to create an unlimited number of files.

With the release of iGuideline for the first time we are pleased to be able to offer Parents affordable access to powerful software that allows them to properly calculate child support under the Canadian Child Support Guidelines and spousal support under the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG).

More information about iGuideline can be found on this site.