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Orsa Software Inc. (“Orsa”) is committed to protecting your personal information and respecting your privacy.

In general, you can visit Orsa on the Web without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself. To the extent that you do provide information to us, Orsa will never sell, rent or disclose your personally identifiable information to outside parties for their own marketing purposes without your consent. Orsa may disclose information to third parties in order to provide Orsa products and services to you as further described in this policy.

With your permission, Orsa may send you e-mail regarding software upgrades, special promotions, new products, and our Newsletter.

Information We Collect or Track

Orsa collects personal information which is necessary for its dealings with the individuals to whom the information relates. The types of personal information Orsa collects will depend on the particular dealings we have with you. Primarily, we collect and hold personal information about existing and prospective customers, our suppliers, and employment applicants.

The types of personal information that we collect and hold about these individuals includes, but is not limited to, Personal identifiers, such as names and contact details (e.g. email address, phone number, etc.)

In addition, Orsa also collects public information identifying Professionals (Lawyers, Mediators, Parenting Coaches, and Psychologists) who offer services to the public, including Orsa software users.

Generally, Orsa collects personal information directly from the individuals concerned. Primarily this is through the individual filling out forms on our Web Sites, or through users of Orsa software completing and submitting information to us through the software registration process.

For users of iGuideline who have a subscription license, and who have optionally requested a detailed listing in the Find a Professional feature, Orsa also collects the personal information necessary for the listing of the user’s services through that feature. The user can request that their listing be removed or updated by contacting Orsa by email (contact@orsasoftware.com)

What We Do With the Information We Collect or Track

The personally identifiable information gathered from the forms you fill out and submit on our Web Sites is used in one of four ways:

To provide you with information about our products and services, including product alerts, releases, upgrades and patches;
To ask you to participate in surveys about products, services, and events;
To allow you to purchase and download products; and
To ensure our compliance with export control and other applicable laws and regulations.

At times Orsa retains contractors to perform services for Orsa internally in the course of our business. Consequently, they may have access to information about our customers in providing those services. Such limited access would be available only to the extent needed to perform the services, under the terms of an executed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with Orsa, with the requirement that such contractors keep the information strictly confidential and use the information solely on Orsa’s behalf. Orsa does not collect sensitive personal information regarding customers.

Orsa takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it discloses to third parties, including to its related entities, is protected from misuse and unauthorized disclosure.  Disclosure to any unrelated third party is subject to an executed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with Orsa.

Communications With our Customers and Users

In addition to product updates, promotional and informational emails that Orsa from time to time sends to its users we may, on occasion, invite you to participate in a phone survey or send you postal mail.

You may always opt-out of receiving marketing or email communications by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of our email to you.

Google Analytics

Orsa Web Sites and software use features of Google Analytics to gather aggregate information on visitors to our Web Sites, and how users use our software.

Uses of our software are not required to provide information about their usage of our software, and are prompted for their permission before any information is gathered.

The information gathered from users who participate in submitting usage information never includes personal information which would identify the software user, or any personal information from any of the files the users create. The information submitted is limited to information on how the software is used, including the views the user uses, and the types of reports they print. This information helps us improve our software and the user experience.

If a user chooses to participate and provide analytics information they may stop submitting that information at any time through a setting in the Preferences Window of the software.

The information gathered from visitors of our Web Sites includes specific visitor cookie data, such as the source, medium and keyword used to visit our Web Sites. Google Analytics does not store any visitor-specific data and we will not use visitor-specific data in any way related to Google Analytics.

Access and Correction of your Personal Information

You may access and correct the personal information we hold about you by contacting us by phone, email, or mail using the contact information on our Web Sites. Before we provide personal information to you, we may require you to verify your identity by providing us with identification documentation (i.e. Operator’s License, etc.).

We may recover from you our reasonable costs of supplying you with access to the information you seek.

Orsa will generally provide individuals with access to the personal information we hold about them;  however, in some circumstances there may be legal or administrative reasons to deny access to the requested information.  If access is denied, Orsa will provide reasons for the denial (unless it would be unreasonable to do so).

Web Sites This Privacy Policy Covers

Orsa owns and maintains a several Web Sites (www.orsasoftware.com, www.iguideline.ca). Each of these sites may have their own methods of contacting customers. All of the sites follow this Privacy Policy for gathering information or sharing personally identifiable information with third parties.

Orsa will use reasonable efforts to comply with this privacy policy and will take prompt corrective action when it learns of any failure to comply with its Privacy Policy. Because of the complex and constantly changing nature of our business and software and Web Sites, Orsa does not guarantee error-free performance under this Privacy Policy. Orsa shall not be liable for any accidental, incidental, consequential violation of this policy, or any damages arising from any non-performance.

Changes to our Privacy Policies

Like all businesses, Orsa’s business in constantly changing. This includes changes to the methods used for distributing our software products, the operation of our software, and the related services we provide to users. We will be updating our Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure it is current and consistent with the software products, services, and Web Site content we provide to users and visitors. We will notify you of any changes we make by posting an updated version of this policy on our Web Sites.  Any changes will take effect when they are posted.  We also post FAQs from time to time on specific software products.

Contacting Us about Privacy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, company practices, the operation of our software related to the collection of information, or our Web Sites, or wish to make a complaint about our handling practices, you may contact us at:

Orsa Software Inc.
11810 Kingsway Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5G 0X5
Phone: 780-934-0105

We will investigate any complaints received in writing and do our best to resolve any concerns or issues you have as soon as possible.

Last Updated: February 7, 2019

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