iGuideline Version 2019.0.0 - Beauty that's more than skin deep

iGuideline Spousal Support Module Window (on macOS 10.14 Mojave in Dark Mode with system Accent Colour set to pink)

With the release of Version 2019.0.0 the most powerful and feature packed child and spousal support calculator in Canada just got better - and more accessible.

  • Updated Tax and Benefit numbers for year 2019 calculations
  • SSAG Module now included with "Per File" Licensing
  • New 3 Month and 6 Month subscription licensing options
  • Added the ability to view the details of the Benefits in the SSAG With Children Formula in a Popover
  • Added support for macOS 10.14 (Mojave) Dark Mode and the new Accent Colours
  • Still a free download from the Mac App Store
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For Parents

Whether you are receiving or paying child support, iGuideline is an invaluable tool to help you calculate the proper amount of child support

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For Lawyers

Whether family law is the only area you practice in, or if it is only a part of your practice, iGuideline is the right tool for you and your support staff

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Other Professionals

Whether you are a Mediator, Parenting Coach, or other Professional assisting Parents, iGuideline helps you help Parents to resolve conflict

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