iGuideline Licensing - Designed To Empower Users

iGuideline offers innovative and reasonably priced licensing options that makes the software affordable to Lawyers and other Professionals offering services to parents, and to parents who wish to perform their own calculations.

A copy of iGuideline can be obtained as a free download from the Mac App Store.

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Upon downloading iGuideline users can create a sample file which has incomes locked but with many of iGuidelines features activated so users can explore those features and learn how powerful iGuideline is and how easy it is to perform calculations.

Once users decide they want to perform calculations for their clients or themselves there are two different licensing options which are available through In-App Purchases made from within the iGuideline Store Window.

Subscription Based Licenses

A Subscription based license is designed to meet the needs of Lawyers and other Professionals who offer services to parents which require the calculation of child and spousal support, and who have the need to perform numerous calculations over the course of a year. With a Subscription the user can install and use iGuideline on all of their computers (i.e. the Lawyers Desktop, the Lawyer's Assistant's Desktop, the Lawyer's Laptop, and the Lawyer's home computer) for the single Subscription fee (currently $299 a year).  (Introductory price: $199.99)

During the subscription period the user enjoys the following benefits and features:

Users can create an unlimited number of files with all features and data fields unlocked;

Users can perform calculations for all years from 2012 onward;

The SSAG Module is included so users can perform calculations under the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines; and

Lawyers and other Professionals (Mediators, Parenting Coaches, and Psychologists) are entitled to have a Detailed Listing in iGuideline's "Find A Professional" feature which allows the Professional to advertise the availability of their services to parents and other users of iGuideline.

This benefit is optional and only available to qualifying persons (the Professional must be a active member of the Law Society, Association, or other governing body in their respective Province.), and requires the user to register. All listings are subject to approval by Orsa Software Inc.

(Many Professionals may consider that the cost of a Subscription is worth the advertising benefit alone, with the use of the software being considered an added bonus.)

When the user's Subscription period ends iGuideline is not disabled. Users can continue to open, print, and edit their existing files with the exception of the Parents' names and DOBs, and the calculation year for the files which are locked with the information previously entered. The user's Listing in the "Find a Professional" feature is also switched to a "Basic Listing" which only shows the Professional's name and phone number. The user can renew their Subscription when the need to create a new file, or they can opt to use iGuideline on a "Per File" basis.

"Per File" Based Licenses

For parents, and for Lawyers and other Professionals who only need to perform a limited number of calculations in a year, there is also a "Per File" based License which allows the user to purchase the number of files (calculations) they need to perform. The available options are as follows:

A Single (1) file for $29.99   (Introductory price: $19.99)

A Two-Pack (2) of Files for $49.99  (Introductory price: $29.99)

A Five-Pack (5) of Files for $99.99   (Introductory price: $74.99)

This allows parents who generally only need to create one (1) file a year to access the power to do a Child Support calculation for their circumstances for a low affordable price ($29.99).  (Introductory price: $19.99)

When "Per File" basis License users create a file they are prompted to enter the Parents' names and DOBs, and the calculation year which are then locked once the file is created. The user can then freely enter, delete, and change all other information in the file, including income information, the number of children, and expenses.

The SSAG (Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines) Module is NOT included for "Per File" based License users. Users who decide to use iGuideline through a "Per File" License and who need to perform calculations under the SSAG must purchase the SSAG Module separately for a one time fee (currently $39.99) (Introductory price: $29.99). Once purchased the SSAG Module is activated for all files the user has created and creates in the future.

Software Updates

All software updates are free of charge to all users regardless of the license type they choose.

Access to software that does all the calculations under the Canadian Child Support Guidelines (and the SSAG) has never been this affordable.
Download iGuideline today for free and explore it's powerful features and ease of use.

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